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Banana Cavendish

Banana cultivation tab Scientific name Musa sp. It belongs to the family of Musa. Two subtypes (a) acuminata and (b) balbisiana. Hence arise diploid, triploid and tetraploid; AA, AB, AAA, AAB, ABB, AAAA, AAAB,

Botanical characters It is a herbaceous plant that forms a bush called "strain" or family, from which arise several individuals known as mother, daughter, granddaughter.

"Root" surface, radially distributed in the first 30 cm. The suelo.y reaches over 1.5 to 2 meters.

"Rhizome or corm" commonly called strain produces a vegetative bud that comes from the mother plant and undergoes anatomical and morphological changes of tissues and to grow diametrically form rhizome reaching considerable height.

"Leaves" Have different shapes, and used to estimate the morphological and phonological stages of cultivation. We distinguish three major parts; sheath, petiole and blade.

"Stem false or Pseudostem" formed by the arrangement overlapping pods arranged alternately and helix (120 °). It supports all the aerial part of the plant.

"Inflorescence" arranged in clusters. It Contains female flowers (giving rise to the hands and fingers) and flowers male.

"Fruit" is developed in the ovaries of flowers pistillate by increasing the volume of the three cells of the ovary, opposite the central axis. And ovaries abort output at the same hours tissue pericarp or husk and thicken, the channel activity decreases latex, ceasing by complete when the fruit is ripe. Crop requirements The banana plant grows in varied conditions soil and climate; is necessary to take into account the and are more favorable conditions:

"Ground" The soils suitable for crop development Bananas are those that have a texture: frank andy, clay loam, silty clay loam and frank silty; also they must have good internal drainage and high fertility, its depth should be 1.2 to 1.5 meters.


They are grown in over 130 countries , from Southeast Asia where they are native , to Oceania and South America; the world's largest producer is India , 2 where nearly a quarter of the fruits sold in the world is grown , although many of them are for domestic consumption. The main exporter is Ecuador .

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world . In fact, the banana is not a tree but a grass that grows to 15 meters. It is thought that there are almost 1000 varieties of bananas in the world , divided into 50 groups. Bananas are the most popular variety is called Cavendish , which is produced for export markets.




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