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Finger Banana

The cultivation of banana tree “Orito” has ben developed along the slope`s area of the mountain range of the Andes that in accordance with the official statistics is cultivated in the three regions: mountain, coast and Amazon. Being the mountain and Amazon those that have bigger sowed surface, the domestic total surface is of 8209 there is. Those that are exploited by small producers.

Of the total surface. Considered than around 403 ha. Are organic cultivation with an approximate production of 78880 annual boxes of 16 pounds tha represents 1300 tons (2.39% of the total exported); being an export product. This item doesn’t have appropriate technological recommendations. But well they have been extrapolated especially of the cultivation of conventional banana tree in the post-crop.

This work tries to analyze the effect of the desbellote cutting of the exportable fruit of banana tree “Orito” in the organic production system. With the objective of identifying the appropriate technology to improve the production and quality of the fruit for export but if it has to positive effect on the quality of the fruit. Factor that favors especially in the international consumption markets.

 Baby BananaBaby Banana



Variety: Orito (baby banana)
Finger Size: aprox. 12cm
Caliber: Min. 26 mm Max. 34 mm
Number of fingers per hand: Min. 14 Max. 20
Age of the fruit: 6 weeks
Box: peso 16lbs
Description: The bananas are a smaller variant of bananas, about 12 cm and with a sweeter taste . It is also called in English "finger banana" or "lady finger" for its similar dimensions to a finger. When ripe , has yellow skin and almost white , creamy and high consistency pulp.

Nutritional: Like most bananas, bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6 (important for heart health), vitamin C, fiber and potassium.
Production time: all the year.

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